Agnès Vaudou
Sculptor and designer



As a child, I was immersed in two aesthetics. My father’s : the landscape paintings of my grandfather Gaston Vaudou, various abstract art, old objects, the furniture of 1960s designers. This, contrasted with my mother’s and that of her second husband who took us to live in a troglodyte house to be renovated, a profusion of raw materials! In this grotto, I begin making objects with the available materials, also bringing clay.
The need to build my own aesthetic took me to the School of Fine Arts in Geneva. In sculpture, I am fascinated by the fire in the forge, casting and welding metals, the chemical oxidation of copper, earth and plaster molding. I later experimented with oil materials from deep in the earth, raw materials such as bitumen and refined materials like synthetic resins .
My "Densité" sculpture project centers on questions of physics and energy concerning matter and the cosmos. This lead me to discussions with physicists followed by an exhibition at the CERN entitled “Thresholds of Matter”.


Living in the wilderness of Ireland and in the United States, I met people with conditions that were harder than anything I had ever seen. On my return to Switzerland, I worked in schools and institutions with people of all ages and from all backgrounds. These encounters have renewed my sense of the uniqueness of each person and the depth of human expression.


Recently, I’ve been thinking along different lines. My sculpture is directed towards everyday functionality: fountains and works for public spaces, useful objects for indoors. My encounters have become collaborations with municipalities, inhabitants and artisans, mutually enjoying working together on projects both aesthetic and useful. Sharing now on larger scale.

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